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Hello to you and a warm welcome from the site of our guesthouse Napsugár Vendégház (the “Sunbeam” guesthouse)!

I hope this page will draw your attention and that it will be visited, spread and recommended by as many people as possible.
Do go over my offer, the various opportunities and existing programmes.

I am going to try and introduce to you the beauty and the gems of my little village and its surroundings.
The Bugyi village is located in the heart of the country, where the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) begins, just 25-30 minutes away from Budapest. It is quite a wide place, full of peace and quiet, with kind and friendly people.
I'll be welcoming you here, dear friends, in this peaceful and laid-back environment, for a real time off.

I would like that my guesthouse be much more than an accommodation for guests – I want it to be a real island of peace and quiet in nowadays troubled world. Near our village there is the Kiskunság National Park, the second large Hungarian puszta following the Hortobágy. This natural reserve stretches over areas sheltering the most significant natural assets of the Danube-Tisa area, found on the Danube plain, the Homokhátság (“sand dunes”) and the Tisa valley. The Kiskunság National Park comprises nine distinct units and covers 53,000 hectares. The park's habitats are mainly made up of salt, alkaline and sandy pusztas. Aquatic biotopes are represented by salt lakes, bogs and swamps, as well as the dead branches of the Tisa. The specificity and the unique aspect of the Kiskunság area are given by the country household customs, such as cattle breeding on the puszta, farming, as well as its ecosystems. Presentation locations and the natural educational routes in some protected areas makes it easier to get acquainted to them.

Lakes that came to form in the gravel pits at Nemesráda are situated near our village, in an area limited by the alluvium of the former Danube meadow. These abandoned lakes have been populated with fish, turning to a real fishermen's paradise. Here are some of the preferred fish species: carp (10 kg and more), wels catfish (weighing over 20 kg or even 50 kg, but it can reach even 100 kg). Trout of over 6 kg have been already fished, African catfish of 18 kg plus, tench weighing 3.65 kg, bream of over 4 kg, asp weighing over 9 kg.

At about 10 km away lies the town of Ócsa and the surrounding wetland (“turján-vidék”), where in 1975 was created the protected area Ócsai Tájvédelmi Körzet spreading on a surface of 3,575 hectares. Here we find the 6 stations of the natural educational route of the Selyem-rét (“the silk field”), displaying the forest flora and fauna of the protected area. The area is a swamp meadow characteristic to the area between the Danube and the Tisa, a drenched lowland surrounded by sandy lands, where forests and swamp meadows meet. Ócsa is the ideal tourist destination.

Beside the array of cellars, there is plenty to see here.
On Andor Street we find the traditional House of the region (“Tájház”), situated in the oldest part of Ócsa, called Öregfalu (“the old village”).
The monument group is made up of six protected houses.
Near the traditional House there is the well-known reformed basilica of the town, built in a Roman style as early as the 13th century.
The Ágasház house is also remarkable by its minerals and exhibits.

Therefore, fishermen, travel lovers, cyclists, will find possibilities to recreate, as well as those who try a spiritual recharge can do it at the ruin-chapel at Borzas, situated at about 3 km away, a place where your spirit would find peace.
Now, allow me to introduce to you the Napsugár boarding house, welcoming guests who want to enjoy relaxation and rest, on a quiet street of the village. It has been refurbished according to demanding standards, having two rooms with four beds, two bathrooms, one living-room, one dining room and fully equipped kitchen. There is an oven in the courtyard, where you can cook at a grill and in a pot.

Hoping that in our contemporary frantic world I have managed to recommend you a small oasis of tranquillity that has aroused your interest and curiosity, I trust that you will become a guest coming back to us time and time again with great joy.
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